July 2017

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

 When life gives you lemons, make lemonade


We At the Photo team absolutely love this saying and this is what drives our whole team forward. It makes the point that you can take any sort of negative experience and turn it into something useful. Whether it be a photographer working for a challenging client or even our admin team facing a slightly difficult day we all know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. What ever is thrown at us (including lemons!) then we all need to see it as a lesson that we should learn from and that there is a reason why it has been thrown at us. We also learn new skills when we experience these moments which we never forget. Nothing is too difficult to solve and that is why all our event photographers are able to deal with any curve balls at any given event, whether it be a last minute change by the client or even a slight technical issue, we can solve it! The reason why we stay positive is because we hire experts in their fields and they all have a vast amount of knowledge in dealing with technical queries to dealing with softer skills such as building rapport with their clients and guests. Every experience is seen as a useful experience.



Our Fake paparazzi hire and Party photographers are all happy go lucky and nothing is too much trouble for them. An event is like their baby that they want to nurture and love until the photos are finally delivered to the client. We are perfectionists and are not satisfied till we get the thumbs up from our clients. This is why you will see that all the images that the Paparazzi hire produce excel with class and style.



So we love lemons! It brings out the best in us, makes us more determined and proves to us that we can do anything we set our minds to! Never give up!


Love, The Events Paparazzi Team

i-catching phot-Os

i-catching phot-Os


When clients seek for a photographer whether it be a Spoof Paparazzi or Event photographer, they seek photographers who produce “i-catching” images and this means photos that are immediately appealing or noticeable and most of all striking.


​At The Photo Team we really work to make our content more visually appealing and to make a normal photo look very modern, meaningful and mind blowing.​ We want our photos to stick out like a sore thumb and be the forefront of observer’s minds again and again. Our very own photographers such as our Fake paparazzi hire and Event paparazzi do just this.


Here are examples from The Photo Team on some of the eye catching photos of this year that have been taken by our Paparazzi hire …


Use layouts that are eye grabbing. Don’t just lay objects out in a uniformed style but mix it up, inject some depth to the colour of your photo and make it look different to the norm.



​Always aim for simplicity. Do not try to capture too much in one shot as the meaning will be lost as well as the observer not knowing what to focus on. Make a photo stand out so that the message you are trying to deliver through a photo is identified by anyone admiring it.



At The Photo Team we like to make our photos full of contrast, variation and we play with the light to get a unique approach. All our Event paparazzi London and Event paparazzi Kent’s work is done with care and attention and images are exaggerated through tricks of the light which has been mastered over time.



We can guarantee to put a spark in any photo that is captured and enhance features, backgrounds and focal points to ensure that not all photos are the same, they all sing a different song but all in all capture a harmonised approach.


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The Events Paparazzi Team

…And the winner is…

…And the winner is…


We ran a photography competition for our own Photo Team photographers. We asked three of our most busiest photographers of the week of our competition to go to any of their events and choose their best corporate photography, conference photography photo or even capture a shot at any event they have been booked for. The aim was for them to select their favourite snap and send to the head office so we could submit this onto our Instagram page and see how many likes they could get from the public in a duration of four weeks. We had a great response from our followers and it was a very close call at the beginning but over the weeks we could evidently see what was capturing the public’s eyes.


Well done to our photographers and here are the submissions…





… And the winner is Anna. Anna has been with us for a short space of time but she was lucky enough to have captured the first photo from a Hindu pre-wedding ceremony called “Pithi”. Anna captured a beautiful photo of a young bride-to-be two days before her wedding day. The bride was being covered by a paste made out of chickpea flour, turmeric, rose water and other ingredients. Since ancient’s times, the Pithi ceremony is celebrated in both the bride and bride groom’s home separately. This entails rubbing a paste on the bride and bride groom’s face, hands and legs. Family members and friends have fun getting the bride and groom completely covered in the paste. This paste is meant to brighten and even the skin tone, so that the couple may have a glow on the wedding day! As you can tell our bride found the whole experience really enjoyable and funny!


We at The Photo Team like to keep our photographers on their toes and ensure we all work together as a team, so running competitions or even having a thank you dinner to appreciate their work keeps the teams morale up and ensures to keep our company as successful as it is!


So contact us today for our professional photography service including our fake paparazzi hire and see what memories we can create for you!


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Love The Events Paparazzi Team

How to be cr8tive in Photography

How to be cr8tive in photography


We at The Photo Team know that the beauty with photography is that you are not restricted with how you can take a photograph. You can take photos from any angle and that is what creates a unique and contemporary photo.


In order to make your photography stand out from a mile from your competitors, you have to be able to show flexibility, knowledge on how to use your tools, have the confidence in yourself to get the right shot and most of all be able to have fun. Here are a few tips from our Event paparazzi London and Event paparazzi Kent event photographers.


Shoot from down below so that the angle of the shot is different from a normal angle of a photo taken. It is one of the easiest ways to create unique and powerful compositions. It provides a different perspective on the world and makes your shots more interesting. The difference in dimension will give your photo a raw edge.


Why not use a new lens, practice and see what works well for you for the event that you are photographing at.
Zoom in to the image whilst shooting the photo. This will create a blurry background with the focal point really standing out.



With photography software’s such as Lightroom you are able to over expose your photos, play with the white balance and composure and really make your photos look very modern, quirky and forthcoming. This is great for our Event paparazzi as it creates magnificent images for company brochures, websites and other marketing materials.



To come as close as you can to a bird’s eye view then shoot from above by using a drone or stand on any safe object that will give you that necessary height. Our Paparazzi hire know that the sky is the limit and they can be as adventurous as they can.


Be self aware and don’t follow the crowd. Shoot images that mean something emotionally to you and what feels right in meeting your goals. After all how can your photography stand out if you aren’t being unique. Be your own self critic and try and see it from a fresh pair of eyes. Think what you would say about your photo if you were seeing it for the first time in a photography magazine.


So love what you do, push the boundaries and most importantly don’t worry about the critics! Book our Fake paparazzi hire today!


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Love, The Events Paparazzi Team