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A perfect VIP experience, whether it be tea at the Ritz, or an exclusive dinning experience, imagine a chauffeur driven luxury car picking you up from your chosen destination, being surrounded by bodyguards to give the real experience of a celeb, paparazzi flashing away, calling your name, and taking your picture, and for the ultimate in VIP experience you can have screaming fans asking for your autograph and taking selfies with you!

Let us know what your ultimate ‘Celeb for day’ package would look like using the form below, and start the discussion in planing your ultimate day. This is NOT a booking form or a pricing quote, it is an ENQUIRY form, this will be the starting point for planning your ideal day.

Once we receive your form we will make contact with you and start a discussion, we understand and appreciate every Celeb for a day experience should be unique.

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