How to be cr8tive in photography


We at The Photo Team know that the beauty with photography is that you are not restricted with how you can take a photograph. You can take photos from any angle and that is what creates a unique and contemporary photo.


In order to make your photography stand out from a mile from your competitors, you have to be able to show flexibility, knowledge on how to use your tools, have the confidence in yourself to get the right shot and most of all be able to have fun. Here are a few tips from our Event paparazzi London and Event paparazzi Kent event photographers.


Shoot from down below so that the angle of the shot is different from a normal angle of a photo taken. It is one of the easiest ways to create unique and powerful compositions. It provides a different perspective on the world and makes your shots more interesting. The difference in dimension will give your photo a raw edge.


Why not use a new lens, practice and see what works well for you for the event that you are photographing at.
Zoom in to the image whilst shooting the photo. This will create a blurry background with the focal point really standing out.



With photography software’s such as Lightroom you are able to over expose your photos, play with the white balance and composure and really make your photos look very modern, quirky and forthcoming. This is great for our Event paparazzi as it creates magnificent images for company brochures, websites and other marketing materials.



To come as close as you can to a bird’s eye view then shoot from above by using a drone or stand on any safe object that will give you that necessary height. Our Paparazzi hire know that the sky is the limit and they can be as adventurous as they can.


Be self aware and don’t follow the crowd. Shoot images that mean something emotionally to you and what feels right in meeting your goals. After all how can your photography stand out if you aren’t being unique. Be your own self critic and try and see it from a fresh pair of eyes. Think what you would say about your photo if you were seeing it for the first time in a photography magazine.


So love what you do, push the boundaries and most importantly don’t worry about the critics! Book our Fake paparazzi hire today!


Thanks for reading


Love, The Events Paparazzi Team