Milestone Anniversary Party Photography

Don’t let any of your milestone parties pass you by without having some fun with The Photo Team’s ever so popular events paparazzi photographers. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, corporate anniversary or even a wedding anniversary then contact our event paparazzi London or Event paparazzi Kent team for a unique experience. Our spoof paparazzi are highly trained and specialise in press paparazzi photography. They will dress up just like a Hollywood party photographer and ensure all guests make a grand entrance down the red carpet and into the venue. We like to think of ourselves as providing the very best paparazzi hire photography in the UK and we are confident in our ability to do so.

With a great team and a lot of experience, we are able to ensure all of our clients receive the high quality, stunning photographs they deserve in a timely manner.

What makes our fake paparazzi so different?

  • All event photographers are friendly and highly skilled in their client facing role and can easily strike a balance of being professional but fun.
  • Our party paparazzi experience will be classy as well as provide a magical experience.
  • Our experts will always exceed any client’s expectation and be flexible.
  • Character entertainment will be at its best and all photographers will give their 100% in ensuring they get the gossip and best shots for the morning news, portraying a true image and style of paparazzi entertainment.
  • Our pricing is unique and competitively priced.
  • No two projects will be the same and our party photography for any milestone anniversary party will be unique and tailored to the client’s needs.
  • Our website is easy to navigate and is user friendly with concise and relevant information to help you establish what package to book.

To find out more about our milestone anniversary photographers or to make a booking with The Events Paparazzi team, get in touch. Contact us any time on 0800 689 1001 and a member of the team will be able to assist you.