February 2017

Why The Events Paparazzi loves Instagram

Why The Events Paparazzi loves Instagram

You may already know about Instagram but for those readers who are not familiar with this social media tool then here is a quick explanation. Instagram is a popular online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing, and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos of up to 15 seconds, and share them either publicly or privately on the app, as well as through a variety of other social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr. The app enables you to also alter the photos you take with your phone by adding filtered layers that imitate the look of low-end film cameras. Did you know that with over 150 million users, Instagram is one of the best and most-used photo sharing platform. There are over 55 million photos shared on Instagram every day! Instagram is blowing up, as a third of the world’s internet population is expected to be on the photo-sharing site by 2018.



The Events Paparazzi are part of The Photo Team and love Instagram as it can be hard to communicate in words, and sometimes photos make the task easier, especially when you’re bumping up against character limitations. This is why we love expressing ourselves through our photos so you can see the world through our eyes. This is our means of communicating visually with you all.


We #love hash tagging away key words that will capture your attention and summarise our images for you, it brings our #photos to life and helps your imagination create a #little story.



Instagram is a great way to connect with our fans and let our clients old and new as well as followers come into our world and understand what we do from the venues we visit to the beautiful styles we create. We capture photos from our well known Event paparazzi hire and post it instantly for you to see. Our Spoof Paparazzi are ever so popular with our Corporate events that we are inundated with future requests. The Photo team are constantly active on Instagram and able to respond instantly to messages via this tool as well as through emails, calls and Facebook should you need to book us for a Paparazzi hire.


The Photo team are proud to boast approx 13,000 Instagram followers who have fallen in love with our photos from our Fake paparazzi hire, Open Photo booth photos to the quotes to the poses. We have received wonderful comments from clients and followers who appreciate our artwork and we thank you for this.



We like to share posts numerous times a day to show you what we do, what we create and how often we can make the magic happen.


So why not keep us in mind for any of your future events and hire our Party Paparazzi with our experienced event photographers to experience these wonderful poses and make them into exciting memories. Book our Event paparazzi London and Kent today!


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Picture this!

Picture this!

Did you know that in 2016 more people were searching for photo booth rentals than DJ hires in 15 of North America’s largest cities? Photo booth rentals have also become popular in other countries such as Canada, Australia, and the UK. So far in 2016 there is an average of 226,000 monthly searches for a photo booth globally, this has risen by 48.9% since 2015 and in the UK alone this is nearly 20,000 searches a month which is phenomenal!


We at The Photo Team know we have to stay competitive and that is why our admin team are always looking at how we can stay on par with trends and provide a unique service to our clients. What makes us unique is that we want to be seen as a trend setter and hence why we stay on top of the game by researching and brainstorming ideas on how to attract new clients whether it be through social media or other means of promotion. We are fortunate to be able to also attract new and existing clients through the work we have already produced and by word of mouth. We are therefore proud to have created our popular Event paparazzi. This Fake paparazzi hire is a modern and unique way to bring a celebrity twist to any party. No posing needed as our Spoof Paparazzi are always on point and clicking away for that natural perfect moment on the red carpet. You and your guests will be blown away with the attention from our Press Paparazzi!



The Paparazzi hire are able to work across the UK and we are able to resource photographers for any paparazzi event, corporate or conference event. We believe in providing a professional service which means when you book us we provide innovative pricing, are very responsive and are an experienced Party Paparazzi team who truly believe in communicating with their clients from start to finish.



Picture this… a friendly admin team member calling you to finalise your booking and to ensure everything is as you need, on the day being greeted by a smiley Event photographer who is fully briefed and ready to set up as needed in plenty of time. Most importantly the Party photographer will help get the event started by building rapport with guests while you can relax and know that your booking is in safe hands with the professionals at, Events Paparazzi!



So do not be shy give us a call and hire the Event paparazzi London or Event paparazzi Kent for a corporate event, you will be amazed with the results.


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What makes a good photographer?

What makes a good photographer?

When any client is looking for a professional photographer whether it be for a wedding, party or corporate event the first thing they will look for is their website. A website that is fresh and up to date as well as relaying clear, relevant and concise information. It is also common for clients to look out for examples of previous photography work so that they understand what the company delivers and why they are unique. This is exactly what we have done at The Photo Team and hence why we have been successful to date. We are able to summarise our achievements and services on our website without using too many words and to give viewers a snapshot of what our unique selling point is by showing beautiful and professional images. This in turn makes such an impact and enables all our clients to make the right choice by choosing us. The text that is chosen to describe the services provided, the key objectives of the company and type of work that has been delivered is also visually clear and easy to understand.



What is most important is to be able to deliver everything that has been stated on the website. This is why we at The Photo Team only hire the best photographers for our Events Paparazzi service. Our Paparazzi hire not only understand what we do but provide an exemplary service on the day which will not only make the experience memorable but the spoof Paparazzi photographer too!



Here is what makes our Press Paparazzi special:



All the photographers at The Events Paparazzi breath, sleep and dream photography, they are all true grafters and are therefore experts in their field! They are fully ambitious and strive to always deliver an excellent service on the day whether it be capturing amazing photos or even communicating effectively with their subjects to build rapport. Their turn around time is also second to none and the photographers work to tight deadlines with most event pictures being delivered by 9am the following day.


Attention to detail

Our photographers seize the moment and know how to notice and bring out the beauty in objects as well as taking breath taking natural shots of people. They realise that good lightning, right angle, good background, and distinctive face expressions are essential components of a memorable shot.



Our photographers are always creative and are are able to intuitively judge what makes a great photograph. They will always work with the lighting, composition, and focus to make that vision a reality. All our photographers are storytellers and know to capture those perfect moments.


People skills

We employ party photographers who are not afraid to interact with people and are able to bring out the best in the subjects by trying out quirky and unique poses. They are all patient and have the natural ability to put people at ease while they are being photographed.


Technical skills

Our Party Paparazzi have excellent technical skills and can easily handle photography equipment, such as digital cameras and lighting, as well as software programs to edit photographs.


Hand-Eye Coordination

Our event photographers know how to handle their equipment from changing the camera lense to changing the battery in the flash lights. This way no time is wasted and everything is running smoothly.
So book us today for your local Event paparazzi London and Event paparazzi Kent and experience a Fake paparazzi hire for your corporate events. We are guaranteed to make the whole experience easy, fun and will always exceed your expectations.



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The Importance of Professional Photography

The Importance of Professional Photography

Professional photography is very important for any company to enhance its brand and acts as a gateway of communication between the company and the world. Therefore every corporate event needs a passionate and experienced photographer to capture photos that will help people understand the client in a simple shot. A picture is worth a thousand words and so it is crucial for the photographer to understand the client’s industry, the personality and to research its ethos and culture in order to capture timeless and unique photos. We at The Photo Team understand that there is a lot of competitiveness in the business world and as these photos will be used on social media, on the company brochure and client website we are aware we have to create images that can be used by the client time and time again with pride to show their unique selling point and therefore being able to connect with their existing and new customers. These images will portray an image to the world which has to stand strong, confident, bold and competitive with other brands on the market. The Photo Team has been doing just this for over half a decade and has been able to expand its clientele rapidly due to being able to understand client’s needs, deliver remarkable results and consistently meeting expectations.


As well as The Photo Team being able to provide a professional photography and an open photo booth service, they are also proud to provide a service called “Events paparazzi”. They are a fake paparazzi hire and provide that unique edginess that every party needs. Step into the venue and be treated and looked upon like you are an “A” class celebrity. Flashing lights, spoof paparazzi following you around and calling out your name, snapping you away and bringing that smile to your face.



The Events paparazzi appreciates that not every project will be the same and hence why we listen to the client’s critical needs and work with them as a team to achieve a joint goal in a stress free manner. We also understand that due to unforeseen circumstances there may be a few changes on the day and as professional photographers we are trained and experienced to deal with these in a creative style without it impacting the rest of the event.


Paparazzi hire is not just about taking photos as it also entails building a rapport with the subjects in order to make them feel comfortable and at ease and for this to come through in the photos. We understand how important this is in order for clients to understand how we create such a perfect moment. Our photographers work hard on understanding the composition, lighting, subject and surroundings to create a truly rich image that will portray an accurate story of how much fun their guests are having. All our photographers are very experienced and have a keen awareness of their surroundings so not a single opportunity is missed.



Your company deserves to experience a party photographer that will execute outstanding and unique photos for any of your events. Our event photographers will work collaboratively with you and help create some wonderful memories.


This party paparazzi are guaranteed to put the va-va into your voom and make your party be the talk of the town! So do not delay and experience this press paparazzi today. Contact us for more information on Event paparazzi London and Event paparazzi Kent​.


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