The founders of The Photo Team have a real passion for quality professional photography, they developed a unique style of corporate and conference photography which is delivered under the brand of The Photo Team, this led to them having a number of years working with a number of clients delivering amazing pictures. The Events Paparazzi service was developed as some clients wanted professional pictures as well as adding an extra red carpet glitz and glamour to their events, offering both the traditional paparazzi (1920-30’s style) and the the very current modern day style of paparazzi professional photographers. The Events Paparazzi be it the traditional or modern day type will make you and your guests feel like celebrities on arrival to your event, go on add that extra magic to your event and truly WOW your guests, a real red carpet experience.

Meet some of the crazy team, we are like one BIG happy family...

Rick - Traditional Events Paparazzi

Experienced, skilled and witty, loves to have a laugh while taking pictures...

Connor - Modern Events Paparazzi

Steven - Traditional Events Paparazzi

Relaxed and cool, perfect pictures in a jiffy!

Steven - Modern Events Paparazzi

John - Traditional Events Paparazzi

They call him John the gun...

John - Modern Events Paparazzi

Ozzy - Events Paparazzi

Smooth as ICE, will woo you and snap you unprepared!

Connor - Event Paparazzi

Don't let looks fool you, youthful, and sure shooter, early bird who catches the very first guest to the very last.

Trevor - Event Paparazzi

Jack the lad approach here, but be careful sharpest tool in the box!

Tim - Events Paparazzi

Tim will always get that money shot! Great pictures, with great banta guaranteed...

Dan - Events Paparazzi

Dan's your man, gets the right shot, first time.

Nicola - Events Paparazzi

SMILE, don't let looks fool you, and don't lower your guard, this one will get pictures of you when you thought no one was looking.

Pete - Events Paparazzi

SLY, will always catch you off guard, camera always ready

Taz - Events Paparazzi

They seek him here, they seek there, you see Taz, but he will catch you just when you thought no one was looking.

Alex - Events Paparazzi

BOOM! his flash will have you seeing stars, he will get your picture and distribute to all the most popular news agencies before you can even blink!

Charlene - Events Paparazzi

Camera always ready, never shy to shove her camera in your face. Ultimate paparazzi experience guaranteed...

Vudi - Events Paparazzi

Experienced press photographer, hitting the red carpet after seeing the spoils of war, as a military photographer.

Mark - Events Paparazzi

Hipster as standard...
Taking pictures is his game.