Make your colours sing


Colours are so important in any type of photography as it is universal, it can help tell a story and bring our imaginations alive. Colour is what brings a photo to the forefront so we can imagine what it was like at the time it was taken, the smell and the ambience. It can also bring up emotions to a particular time and be a reminder of another key experience of our lives which in turn can generate a thought or a conversation. The power of colour is underestimated by many but mainly only appreciated by event photographers such as fake paparazzi hire and party photographers. It is valued by our event paparazzi photographers and party paparazzi photographers as this is what gives their photos the selling point and what makes their quality of photos stand out amongst the other competitors. Our paparazzi hire photographer appreciates the impact that richness can have in a picture, hence the reason why they know how to work with tricks of light and understand their camera settings so they can take photos from a good base with the right ISO. Photos that start off with the right foundation can infuse many colours and shades which in turn can help compose the perfect picture bringing out the true beauty of a person, object or setting.



At The Events Paparazzi, our spoof paparazzi photography is what sets us on par with the most long standing and experienced photography companies out there. The difference with The Events Paparazzi is that we have trained our photographers by the founder of the company to understand the essence of what makes our photos different and what will make the clients want to come back for more.


Here are some quick tips from The Event Paparazzi’s press paparazzi photographers about taking photos in colour:


Don’t over filter the final photo. This can attract new shades that may fail to enhance the photo and instead make it look tired and overdrawn. If a photo taken first hand doesn’t need any extra help then leave it alone and let its natural beauty come through.


Our event paparazzi photographers and event paparazzi Kent photographers understand their camera settings so that they do not take over exposed photos and understand that adjustments need to be made based on the light changing in different environments. Try it and see what a difference it will make.


Take photos that you know are slightly unique and seen as a new experience for the client with the richness of the colours enhancing the photos even more.



Remember to make your colours sing!


The Events Paparazzi Team