April 2017

To free or not to give free

To free or not to give free


Professional photographers around the world would understand the pain of receiving calls from people requesting for free Event photographers at any event with the promise of us receiving some fruitful business in return. What they don’t understand is that nothing in this world is free and time given up to provide free photography is a cost that can hit companies hard especially if you are a small business. There is the promise of wonderful opportunities such as meeting future clients, your name being bounced across their networks and offers of great perks that can benefit photography companies. Typical lines are “it will mean great exposure for you”, “if you don’t want to do it for free, I know other photographers who will” and “if it all goes well it could lead to opportunities for your company”.

What they forget is the following:


The costs

The Photo Team travel across the UK to provide Fake paparazzi hire, Event paparazzi London and Event paparazzi Kent. People forget the expenditure that photography companies have to incur when travelling and the man hours that are spent to commute, set up and deliver a great service. It is also forgotten that Event Photographers and Party photographers take pride in their instruments and therefore the equipment is at no cheap cost. People also forget other costs that have to be considered such as the value of each photographer’s time, annual marketing expenses, cost of software, repairing/renewing our tools of the trade and subscriptions.

This is not to say that we haven’t provided a free service to a worthy cause but pro bono work is selected on a case by case basis.



Crushing our passion

Our Event paparazzi have been trained to be the best and always maintain that expertise by upskilling themselves and understanding the new technology. This again comes at a cost and the simple fact is no money earnt for something we are passionate about means we can’t earn any money and expand our business. Photographers ultimately don’t want to feel worthless for a creative skill that is so in demand.


Asking for further discounts on a service

If its not asking for a free service then yes photography companies do get potential clients asking for further discounts on a service. There is a reason why the price is what it is. Again no consideration is given to the man hours and other costs that are associated in providing an exemplary service.




Past experience from many photography companies is that even when free photography has been provided no feedback is given on the service they have received. It it literally the feeling of out of sight, out of mind which can feel very harsh especially when the favour hasn’t been repaid. Feedback for photography companies can go a long way and help a business attract future clients.


We at The Photo Team speak on behalf of other photography companies out there and say “stop and reflect a while on the points above”, after all our Press Paparazzi like any other career out there need to make a living.


Thanks for reading and have a great bank holiday weekend!


The Events Paparazzi Team

Developing Positives

Developing Positives


We at The Photo Team have been busy from the day dot and have been very lucky to have been able to be running successfully for over half a decade. Like with any new business we had seen peaks and troughs but with this we have been able to see what works well, what our clients like and have been able to keep client satisfaction at its peak. This is why we can generate new business rapidly and are recommended time and time again for our Event paparazzi London and Event paparazzi Kent with our famous Spoof Paparazzi! Have a read of our client work and testimonials to see why we are such an interest via our Facebook page, Instagram page as well as our Website!



The Photo Team are always one step ahead by understanding the photography market, understanding their client’s needs and understanding how to generate more business. We have therefore developed on our positives and are proud to showcase our new website! Check out what The Photo Team stand for, the different services we offer, the clients we have successfully worked with and of course view our competitive and transparent pricing page. We have a wealth of up to date client pictures for you to view our exciting projects, so why not have a look at our latest photo gallery. We are also making the whole booking process easier for our clients by bringing you our brand new instant quote function! Need a quick response for a booking you have in mind? Then all you have to do is input information about your event into our system and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Visit our website for further information and contact us to book our experienced Event Photographer and Party Photographers for your future events. Our Event Paparazzi are masters in this field and will be able to enhance your event with a click of a button!


Don’t delay, give us a try.


Thanks for reading,


The Events Paparazzi Team

Life is like a camera

Life is like a camera


Photography is the most important visual art that allows us to capture those special memories and keep for generations to come. They are the gateway of communication even when our loved ones are not around. Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is. Without photos we have nothing to reflect back on especially images that derive from our ancestors and our history. This imprint is so important to everyone as it creates humanity of the moment and is the only language that is understood by the world. With our Fake paparazzi hire we ensure that we create an outstanding masterpiece each and every time our Press Paparazzi click away.



As photography is universally so crucial we thought we should share some quick interesting facts for our followers to take away and reflect on the evolution of photography:


The most expensive camera ever sold was a rare 1923 Leica camera, which went for $2.8 million at auction in Vienna.


The first every digital camera to be created was in December 1975. It was developed by an engineer in Kodak Company and took 23 seconds to create the first photograph. The camera only recorded black and white photographs of 0.1 mega pixels. The camera weighed 8 pounds.


The largest collection of cameras in the world is held by Dilish Parekh of Mumbai, India. He has a collection of 4,425 antique cameras which he has been collecting since 1977.



Nowadays it is very hard to estimate how many photos are taken annually, but here are some statistics for 2016. People share 730 billion photos per year on Facebook, 255 billion – on WhatsApp and around 22 billion – on Instagram!


Research suggests that the left side of our face tends to exhibit a greater intensity of emotion, which observers find more aesthetically pleasing.


A study by a Scottish psychologist Richard Wiseman showed that you have more chances to have your wallet returned if there is a picture there. 88% of the wallets that contained a picture of an infant were returned.
And remember Life is like a camera – Just focus on what is important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don’t turn out then just take another shot!


Hire our Event paparazzi London or Event paparazzi Kent today and experience a masterpiece.


Thanks for reading,


The Events Paparazzi Team

Expressions of the infinite mind

Expressions of the infinite mind

A facial expression is one or more motions or positions of the muscles beneath the skin of the face. These movements convey the emotional state of an individual to observers. Facial expressions are a form of nonverbal communication which can be captured beautifully in photos and create a magical story which has been left to our imagination. There is nothing that The Photo Team hasn’t seen and in fact we encourage the funny expressions as they bring a sense of fun to the photos and this is captured by our Spoof Paparazzi. We like to take unique and quirky photos as this is what creates those fond memories that will make you laugh in years to come.

We at The Photo Team love capturing the best expressions through our Fake paparazzi hire. Here are some of our favourite Event paparazzi London and Event paparazzi Kent expressions captured by our Party Paparazzi:



Ahh who doesn’t love to be happy, it brings us a sense of mental wellness and tranquillity. Photos always pick up how genuinely happy someone is through their smile and glint in the eyes. We are lucky enough to have many happy clients who automatically just want to smile.




The cheeky look is a great one for our Events Paparazzi to capture




The pout look says it all. It is the magnetic pull that someone has, an attractive quality that tempts you through a simple pose. Pow!




We love guests being silly and showing their funny side!



Strike a pose look

We always have guests wanting to pose in front of our Event Photographer and Press Paparazzi



So why not book us for our Paparazzi hire today for any of your future corporate events or parties and see what face you can pull to get your photo into our Photo Team Wall of favourites!


Thanks for reading!


Love, The Events Paparazzi Team

Professionals v Amateurs

Professionals v Amateurs

We at The Photo Team have seen many amateur photographers who try to keep up with well established photography companies by trying to copy a Companies ethos, to the layout of the website, the logo and even the services that are provided. This may be easy for them to do but what they can’t compete with is the secret of a professional photo companies communication, overall service and quality of the photos.

You are guaranteed to receive the following from The Events Paparazzi who are part of the amazing Photo Team:


Professional service

We at the Events Paparazzi do not just say we can provide an exemplary professional service we can guarantee this without fail! We use proposals, contracts, and have insurance. We also know how to perform at a consistent level every time through practice, perseverance, and effort. Our fake paparazzi hire use top quality equipment so that the set up is inviting and easy on the eye. The quality of the photos is guaranteed to be first rate and unique. Our event photographers are also able to build a great rapport with the guests which helps them enjoy the experience of being photographed.




Great communication

Amateur photographers tend to be clumsy and slow in their communication. We ensure our clients are happy from the first contact to the final output of receiving the photos. We do not lose contact with our clients as we believe in providing a service that has been promised and fulfil our clients every needs whether it be big or small. We not only listen to our clients but also suggest ideas to make a client’s event from good to phenomenal!


Photographers sharing their experience and knowledge

Amateur photographers wouldn’t have the experience, resources or even the knowledge to share what they have learnt. The Events Paparazzi team have been able to share their success through blogs and social media to display the array of photos that have been taken. We openly share photos that have been taken at Corporate events, photos from our famous Open Photo Booth and even our ever expanding Event Paparazzi London and Event Paparazzi Kent service. Our blogs enhance our services, brings our photos to life and ensures that our clients share each and every journey with us.


Upskilled photographers

We don’t copy, we observe, work hard and learn on how to be one step ahead. Our paparazzi hire are passionate about photography and believe in continuing to learn more and updating their skills regularly by attending trade shows, sharing knowledge with the other Photo Team photographers and keeping up with the trends of the Photography industry.



Innovative Pricing

Many amateur photographers will provide a pricey quote and the result will be average looking photos. We have created easy pricing and do not just make up the numbers as we go along. Our press paparazzi  and
party paparazzi believe in delivering a top quality service but at an affordable price. This guarantees new and existing clients to return to us.


So don’t book an amateur and be disappointed, book a party photographer today and experience the hype around The Events Paparazzi service. We believe in working hard to provide a top quality service and to make our clients always happy.


Thanks for reading!


The Events Paparazzi Team