Our events paparazzi team have no shortage in party photographers. The question to ask yourself is what makes The Photo Team one of the most popular and loved photography agencies in the UK? The answer is that we keep our prices simple and competitive and this includes:

  • A free downloadable gallery
  • All pictures on Facebook
  • Photography by skilled fake paparazzi photographers

Our prices may be competitive however we provide a truly phenomenal fake paparazzi hire with all our event photographers in costume and providing fun banter.  

To experience the full service our photographers will make each of the guests feel like they are walking around in Hollywood or a film premier and ready to showcase their next block buster movie.

The Photo Team are proud to have founded The Events Paparazzi service as it compliments the many other services on offer such as Open Photo Booths, SelfiePartyPrints as well as Professional photography. All our photographers are able to:

  • Not only be a party photographer but provide spoof paparazzi photography too.
  • Work hard to ensure every client is treated on an individual basis. We understand that every business and project is different, and therefore our party paparazzi photographers treat them as such.
  • Capture mesmerising photos and ensuring that this is always the aim for the paparazzi hire photographers. That is why we always seek to recruit the best talent within the photography industry. Whether it’s capturing a group, couple or individual photo, a lot of dedication and hard work goes into ensuring clients have a number of fantastic shots to choose from.
  • Make the event paparazzi service work anywhere at any time, bringing amusement and laughter the whole evening. With our pool of photographers we will be able to seek a team that can assist your party and make your event feel alive with all the glitz and the glamour!

If you aren’t sure about what type of party photography you need or you would like to know more about us, get in touch with our event paparazzi London and event paparazzi Kent team by calling 0800 689 1001. Our friendly team are here to listen to your budget and needs and answer any questions you may have as well as put your mind at ease!

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