A bar or bat mitzvah is a hugely important event for your child. It signals their coming of age and their further steps into the Jewish community. With such significance, it’s always a good idea to make the occasion a special one. We’ve got some top tips on how to plan an unforgettable bar or bat mitzvah.

The Guest List

The first thing you’ll want to do is ensure that you have a comprehensive guest list that covers all of the central figures in your child’s life. Of course, relatives will be high up on this list, so make sure you don’t leave anyone out. Next, think about important acquaintances and friends of the family. They’ll want to congratulate you all on the special day. Finally, consider the friends of your child. It’s always worthwhile asking them for their input on this.

Once you have the list, make sure you send out invitations well in advance. If people are coming from out of town, try and give them some options in terms of places to stay.

The Venue

Really, there are two venues that you need to think about. The first is the synagogue. Many parties like to have a small event on a Saturday morning for family. Here, the child can read the Torah and make a blessing. Consider where you will have this service. If you regularly go to a temple as a family, this one would work well. If not, maybe pick one that’s as convenient as possible.

Next, your main venue needs to be decided on. You’ll be able to find ones that have experience with hosting bar/bat mitzvahs, and these can make the process a lot easier. Think about how many people are coming and where they’re arriving from. Make sure to book both venues in advance.

The Gift

As the event is such a milestone, you may want to mark the occasion with a gift of suitable significance. What you get depends on your circumstances and your child, but try and think of something meaningful and memorable. If possible, try and choose something that they can keep forever as a memento of the special day.

The Food

There are a few considerations to make when it comes to the catering for your bar or bat mitzvah. Of course, it needs to suitably grand to fit the occasion, but also not overly complicated to eat. Also, think about your child and their tastes. Is there a signature food that they particularly enjoy? If so, make sure that it’s there for them. Consider having some traditional Jewish cuisine too, it will add to making the event a memorable one. Again, there are specialist caterers who can help you out with this.

The Entertainment

Ideally, you want to strike a balance between traditional and contemporary here. If you’re booking a band, make sure that they’re fluent in some of the songs and music your child enjoys. If they can belt out some traditional Jewish tunes, that’s even better.

It’s not just music that you can book for entertainment. Try and have some events that younger children can enjoy, as well as something for the adults. Magicians often go down well, as do storytellers. Try and get creative here.

The Photographer

With all the effort you’ve put into making a truly unforgettable bar or bat mitzvah, you want to make sure there’s evidence of it. An experience bar mitzvah photographer can really capture the essence of the special day. Make sure you take the time to do your research here and choose one that is well-reviewed, skilled, and passionate about their work.