A good half of the art of living is resilience


Like with any profession you need to have resilience in order to survive and be the best in what you do. The Photo Team believe that the three elements of resilience are, to recover well from setbacks, to adapt well to change and to be able to keep going. Read further to understand what it means for our event photographers:


Recover well from setbacks

Everyone has faced some set back in their profession and it can be hard to recover especially when it is the first time in their career. Facing the unknown or a curve ball in early stages of any profession can really deter junior party paparazzi photographers. This is why we at The Photo Team train our new party photographers and we don’t just throw them in the deep end immediately but we let them shadow our most longstanding fake paparazzi hire photographers and press paparazzi. Our new recruits learn from them first hand on how they will deal with certain situations and understand the do’s and dont’s at any event. They learn to enhance their knowledge from event paparazzi photographers who understand their qualms.


To adapt well to change

Whether it be working on paparazzi hire photography or general photography all photographers face similar challenges from the timetable changing, or maybe a slight set back on their equipment. The key thing is to change your mind set and religiously recite in your head that you can overcome any challenge and be flexible. Be prepared for set backs such as having extra equipment with you on the day, be prepared for last minute changes and pre-empt what that could be so you are already predicting how to deal with certain last minute alterations. Our spoof paparazzi photographers have been able to become stronger and confident over time due to learning from any hitch which in turn has made them confident in their abilities.



To be able to keep going

For over half a decade we have educated and taught our new hires the art of overcoming obstacles, how to persevere when problems arise and to bounce back from adversity. When something knocks our event photographers off their feet they have become resilient to understand how to resolve any matter quickly and still provide a service with a smile. This is why we are respected as one of the top photography agencies in London due to competitive photography.


Nothing can demoralise or phase our resilient photographers including our event paparazzi London and event paparazzi Kent team as they are able to manage their emotions, converse effectively to deliver the outcome and are confident in their ability to deliver any named task.


So to be part of a team of a best bunch of photographers then contact us today.


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The Events Paparazzi Team