The sky is your limit

The sky is your limit   Drones are being used by events photographers to capture a bird eye’s view and is found to be popular as these images would not be able to be taken by a photographer or cinematographer alone due to the images being taken at an extreme height. The first drone which […]

What is your photography worth?

What is your photography worth? ​ Our event paparazzi and party paparazzi photographers pride themselves in taking natural and innovative shots and do not rely on fancy softwares to manipulate the photos that are taken. Instead with our press paparazzi photography what you see is what you get with no fuss. We certainly do not […]

Thinking outside the box

Thinking outside the box   At The Photo Team, we carry out our own SWOT analysis to help build a strong business strategy, assess our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the marketplace. Our team including the fake paparazzi hire photographers, event photographers and party photographers have mapped out where we are as a company […]

Be a trusted advisor

Be a trusted advisor The Photo Team’s event paparazzi service don’t just know how to take high quality professional photographs but are also trusted advisors too. This means all our events photographers, paparazzi hire photographers, event paparazzi photographers, graphic designers as well as assistants have the business acumen to advise according to the client’s needs […]

Here’s to new ideas and success

Here’s to new ideas and success The Events Paparazzi team at The Photo Team would like to write a special blog thanking all of our followers and clients old and new for all their ongoing support and giving The Photo Team an amazing 2017. We have worked with continuous clients such as the Mercure Great […]

Merry Clickmas

Merry Clickmas With the run up to Christmas its always a perfect time to think about your personal and business’s new years’ resolutions for the year ahead and how to make yourself and your business even more successful in 2018. Everyone faces life’s obstacles and now is the time to look back and see how […]

Believe in the magic of Christmas

Believe in the magic of Christmas   Christmas is all about filling up your heart with hope, positivity and nostalgia. It is about wanting to give to the people who are in need and bring happiness to everyone surrounding you. Our event photographers such as our fake paparazzi hire and party photographers do just this […]

If a job is worth doing, its worth doing well

If a job is worth doing, its worth doing well   Now are have all heard of many people complaining about being overworked, undervalued and underpaid however we rarely talk about people blowing their own trumpets and thinking they are worth more than they deliver. Surprisingly there are more of the latter and they like […]

Make your colours sing

Make your colours sing   Colours are so important in any type of photography as it is universal, it can help tell a story and bring our imaginations alive. Colour is what brings a photo to the forefront so we can imagine what it was like at the time it was taken, the smell and […]

The importance of celebrating success

The importance of celebrating success   When we are too busy with our own business sometimes we can forget to celebrate our successes whether it be small or large. It is important to celebrate the wins to keep you and your event paparazzi photographer and party photographer motivated and to remind yourself that the hard […]