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Be the bridge to the next generation

Be the bridge to the next generation


Why are passionate and dedicated photographers difficult to find in the younger generation? It is known that we live in a world where it is rare to find anyone who wants to do anything for free as “money does make the world go around” however why is proving your worth but getting paid less, less important than producing average work but expecting the world from your employer? There are a chunk of generation Zs, iGen and Centennials who are very laid back but do not want to be doing anything for nothing. Money is too important for them and hence why for these tech individuals they want the latest equipment on the market to keep them hip, hop and happening.


However for the employers who are the silent generation, baby boomers, or generation X/Y this can be frustrating as they have worked hard to build an empire, that prides itself in bringing in the best clients and work, they go out of their way to take individuals under their wings and mentor the new recruits and making them understand what hard work is really about. Some of the younger generation are over sensitive and any constructive criticism on their work can be seen as an insult as they pride themselves in producing work in a certain way, but flexibility is key which can lead to further work and most of all impress the leaders of the pack, the big guys!



So how can we motivate the younger generation in the workforce and help them understand how to make it to the top:


  • Feedback – Timely feedback is essential and for the young fake paparazzi hire and event photographers, it is essential that they are given praise and are encouraged. This helps with the communication and in turn they will feel more comfortable to be open about how they feel and also provide feedback too. Also why not treat your paparazzi hire photographers to a “thank you” so they feel motivated. This could be in a form of a team building day, lunch or even a simple coffee and chat!


  • Work life balance – Having a life outside work is so important to the younger generation so ensure that not all the bookings you give them is back to back. They too need sleep and time to absorb new information as well as learn new technology. Showing your party paparazzi and party photographers the true flexibility of the Firm can help them give their best at work.


  • Professional Development – Why not encourage your spoof paparazzi photographers to attend a relevant course that reflects their best in press paparazzi photography. They can help teach their employers new skills as well as learn and enhance what they already know. The key thing is that they will see how their competitors operate and this will motivate them to work even harder. Even give them a mini project to get their teeth stuck into, this will break up their days and help a two way conversation.


Our long standing event paparazzi photographers mentor a number of fresh photographers and help them understand the value of the company and what makes the business tick. They are taught the companies strategy and goals for the year, so that they understand the overall aims of the business. They are also taught why working hard is so important and how in the long term it can be very rewarding. Sometimes this means having to take on jobs that does not pay as much but this can hold a lot of gravitas for the individual and can show employers a lot about their dedication.



Giving your time and support to the new generation can give back much reward and a message to the younger generation, be open minded and work hard to succeed.


Contact the events paparazzi London and the events paparazzi Kent team for exemplary event photography for your next event on 0800 689 1001.


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The Events Paparazi Team

Fail with honour than succeed by fraud

Fail with honour than succeed by fraud


Phishing emails are getting more and more common and the targets can be individual people for their personal information to large corporate organisations for the company’s financial/personal details. What are they targeting for? Well anything from username, passwords, bank details and trying to use your genuine service with a fraudulent card.


They can disguise themselves as a genuine and trustworthy entity and initially will use a friendly approach in their emails, trying to gather information through each correspondence and very rarely will actually pick up the phone for a conversation.



Our admin team, event paparazzi and party photographers have been kind enough to share some useful tips for any photography company or freelancer on the typical tell tale signs of something “phishy”:


  • Firstly the fraudster will ask whether you provide a certain photography service such as party paparazzi photography. They will also ask if you accept a certain type of payment. Please note this payment will most probably be mentioned in every single email to remind you they want to pay by a specific method and may even ask who your merchant provider is to process credit cards! Another common strategy from them is asking you for a little favour. This basically means they will pay for any amount that you quote them and they will ask you to write a cheque for the difference to another vendor!


  • Also watch out for the same initial email being sent to you again enquiring about your photography services. This shows that they are sending the email out to many others, and trying to catch as many victims in their net!


  • When you are asking for further information about their event see if they actually have any interest at all on the service or whether the payment is the focal point.


  • Our spoof paparazzi photographers have noticed that some entities can get quite persistent in being able to book asap and if you ask to accept another type of payment from them they will shy away and make excuses.


  • Always look at the display name of the email, that will give you a big indication that it is not genuine. Many paparazzi hire photographers can forget to see these signs and just carry on with the conversation hoping to get a positive end result, which is a booking!


  • Hover over the sender’s email address and see if it looks strange. Do not click it!


  • If the email is coming from a brand name then there should not be any grammatical or spelling mistakes on the email. Anything like this is a big giveaway!


  • Any urgency in the title of the email such as “URGENTLY looking for a press paparazzi photographer” may seem innocent but still be suspicious of this.


  • Review the email signature, a legitimate business will have detailed information. However, even then it may look all too genuine, so still be careful and read each email carefully.


  • Be suspicious of any entity that says that to set your company up as a supplier they will need the following things from you, a bank deposit slip, bank statement, a void cheque as well as a letter from the bank with the account number and account holder name, signed and stamped! You are giving away all your personal information! Enough for them to act as you or your company! They will say that they will need this as an internal control requirement to reduce the risk of incorrect or fraudulent bank details being loaded against a supplier record. There should be no need when you can prove that you have a company house UK registration number.


  • Avoid clicking on any attachments in case they are viral.


  • Persistent and pushy emails to pay for a fake paparazzi hire photographer or an event photographer, change in language whilst corresponding from a gentle and nice approach to a hard and stern response are again very telling.



So don’t believe everything you see and certainly do not get caught up in their rod and net! Ensure you are protecting your business whether it be providing event paparazzi London or event paparazzi Kent photographers. For new photographers who are just setting up on their own company, any new enquiry booking can be very exciting but note that you always have to be dubious and vigilant to avoid falling into a trap.


All our back office team are trained on how to spot phishing emails and how to avoid being the victim.


So remember, if something does not read right then it probably is not right!


If, you are genuinely looking for a professional photography agency to execute exemplary photos for your next event, then look no further and call us on 0800 689 1001 or email us.


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The Events Paparazzi Team

10 Simple Tips for Taking Fantastic Candid Photos

A good candid photo can look fantastic. The aim of such photography is to capture the subject in their natural state. For many people, as soon as they see the camera on the, or have to pose for a picture, they freeze up. Their dazzling smile becomes a rictus, and their calm composure is exchanged for a manic and wide-eyed stare. Candid shots can show true personality in a person, bringing to the fore their best features and very essence. However, it’s not an easy method of photography to master.


When trying to capture your subject’s natural grace, it’s easy to be too obvious, or use the wrong camera settings, leading you to miss the perfect moment you’ve waited for. In this article, we’ll take a look at some easy tips you can implement to take better candid photos of the people you care about. Some may seem obvious, but many amateur photographers fail to consider them.


1. Carry Your Camera Everywhere – And Use It

This should be the number one rule for aspiring photographers, no matter what type of pictures you’re trying to take. You shouldn’t ever find yourself thinking, ‘I wish I had my camera right now.’ It should be in your hand or by your side whenever the situation allows. By doing so, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to use it. Don’t be scared to take the lens cap off and start shooting either. You may think that there isn’t an awe-inspiring shot in front of you, but you’ll be surprised just how much you miss with only a quick glance.


Carry your camera everywhere. The more people are used to seeing you with it, the more you blend in.


For candid shots, you’ll want your friends and family to be used to you having your camera out. If you only turn it on and start snapping away when you want a picture of someone specific, people will immediately notice. The more you use it, the more relaxed people will be around you.


2. Make Use of Natural and Ambient Light

The second most important aspect of photography is light. It will determine how your images turn out, and it can be a tricky and fickle beast. If there’s too much, you risk overexposing your subject. Too little, on the other hand, can mean your shots come out blurry. The temptation for newcomers to photography is to use the flash to compensate for poor lighting. However, this can absolutely ruin a candid shot if used incorrectly. Not only is it a total giveaway of what you’re doing, but it can bounce off the surroundings, create a red-eye effect, and completely wash out your portrait. Turn off the flash and use natural and ambient lighting instead.


Candid photography often means you’ll have to use any available lighting.


Going without a flash means you’ll have to rely on your camera’s settings more. You’ll need to choose a wider aperture and higher ISO. Look for light sources that illuminate your subject, but make sure they’re not backlit and that the contrast is acceptable.


3. Choose a Zoom Lens

In the point above, we mentioned how vital it is not to be too obvious. The choice of a zoom lens can really help with this. Prime lenses are often the choice for professional portrait photographers, due to their usually wide maximum aperture and shallow depth of field. It’s possible to create a nice soft background blur with them. However, they also require the photographer to be close to the subject. For candid shots, this isn’t always possible. A zoom lens gives you some distance from your mark, which means you can better manoeuvre to get a good angle. They’re less likely to notice you and more likely to be at ease. If you’re photographing a party, it means you can move around with far more freedom.


A zoom lens means you can get a close-up of your subject without being physically near them.


4. Use Burst Mode

It’s rare that your first attempt at getting a candid picture of someone will be as good as it possibly can be. When you’re waiting for a subject that doesn’t know they’re supposed to be looking fabulous, it’s highly likely you’ll catch them at a bad moment. To remedy this, try selecting the burst mode on your camera. This will allow you to shoot a series of photographs over a few moments, which increases your chances of securing a good one. It’s also an excellent mode for capturing a target that’s moving; it will reduce blur and can create a fantastic collage of candid goodness.


Using burst mode is a great way of capturing a subject that is on the move.


5. Make it Interesting

Again, this goes without saying in photography. Your pictures should tell a story or make a point, and your candid photos should show a person at their natural best. You want your pictures to be evocative and attention-grabbing. There are many ways you can do so. Composition is one; your subject should be the focus of the attention, but that doesn’t mean they have to be at the centre of the picture on a flat plane. Use the environment and other people to frame them or contrast with them.


Try to add as many interesting or evocative elements as possible to your image. Think about composition.


Composition isn’t always easy, and the ‘rules’ are meant to be broken. It can be hard to perfectly frame your shot without your subject noticing, but try to capture as many eye-catching elements as you can.


6. Be Subtle

Many of the tips we’ve covered so far encompass this point. Quite often, a few moments after your subject realises what you’re doing, the game is up. The moment will pass, and for a while at least they’ll be on guard waiting for you. As we mentioned, try to avoid using a flash or getting too up-close and personal with your subject. Try to capture them when their attention is focused on something else. They may be deep in conversation, laughing along with everyone, or lost in deep thought.


It’s not always easy to capture great moments, so try to be discreet.


Try shooting from the hip, or shoot while directing your attention towards something else. It can be hard to get a great shot this way, but it’s an effective means of not being obvious.


7. Be Patient

Good things come to those who wait, and so do good photographs. Because you can’t control the situation in front of you, you’ll have to wait until the perfect conditions arise. This quite often means you’ll have to observe your surroundings and anticipate what’s going to happen. When doing so, ensure that you get a few practice shots in. You can make adjustments to your camera’s settings while you wait, and ensure that you get it right when the perfect shot comes along.


It sometimes takes a while for the perfect moment to come along. Be patient!


The more you rush and charge about trying to get the right angle and lighting, the more likely you are to make everyone aware of what you’re trying to do.


8. Change Perspectives

If you’re at your subject’s eye-level, you’re highly likely to be noticed pointing your camera at them. If you’re to the side or behind them, you risk missing out on some great shots. To get the best of both worlds, try changing up your perspective. If you can get above the action, you’re far more likely to be able to pull off a good candid shot (although you’ll need a zoom lens to do so). Similarly, if you’re lower down or shooting from the hip, you may get a unique take on the situation that ends up looking fantastic.


Try capturing your candid shots from a different angle or perspective.


9. Shoot First, Edit Later

We’ve already mentioned how unlikely it is that you’ll get an amazing photograph at the first time of asking. Although this shouldn’t dissuade you from trying, don’t forget that you can always go back and edit your pictures afterward. It’s possible to use software such as Adobe Lightroom to bring out the best in your images. You should, therefore, focus on taking plenty of photos while you can, and making small adjustments as you go.


You’ll often need to put some effort into post-production to get the most from your pictures.


For the best results in post-production, shoot in RAW format. Your camera automatically processes JPEG files, but RAW files hold a lot more information, making it easier to improve them.


10. Practice

Ultimately, candid photography is an art form that takes a lot of practice. You will want to try out as many of these tips as possible in order to find out what works for you and what you need to improve on. Try using a range of different equipment, lenses, and camera settings until you’re familiar with how certain elements impact the situation. As we covered in our first point, you should aim to take as many photos as possible. The more you take, the better you’ll understand what you need to do to improve.


Practice really does make perfect.


Final Thoughts

The tips we’ve covered in this article can all be implemented with relative ease. Once you’re aware of the elements that can affect your photographs and method of shooting, it’s easier to make positive changes. Try adding a few of these each time you set out to take candid photos, and before long you’ll be capturing some fantastic moments for the important people in your life.

A Sparkling Offer

A Sparkling Offer

The Photo Team not only provide fake paparazzi hire, event photographers and party photographers but also branch out to other types of photography such as the famous Open Photo Booths service and our ever growing Professional Event Photography.



If you are looking for something different for your next private party or corporate party then look no further! The Photo Team currently have an amazing offer on the ever so popular Open Photo Booths service. For a limited time only (1-30 November, Monday – Sunday and in the month of December this offer will only be valid from Sunday to Wednesday excluding 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th and 31st December 2018) a 3-hour hire will cost just £350! This will be perfect for any upcoming Parties or for your Christmas and New Years Parties that you may be in the process of planning. Extra hours are available for an additional £100 per hour.


The Open Photo Booth package includes:

  • FREE unlimited high-quality prints (6×4)
  • FREE picture guest book (wedding bookings only)
  • Premium high-quality props
  • Key message or branding/logo on prints
  • Bespoke template design of prints
  • Choice of backdrop
  • All digital files sent to the client after the event


Why not book us for your Corporate events and use our professional event photography and then invite us after to your staff party to supply the open photo booths or even take advantage of this great offer for a private party such as a wedding, mile stone birthday or anniversary.



Contact us if your booking is within the M25 and Kent regions. Hiring our Open Photo Booths service will provide your guests with hours of fun, and most of all we will be able to capture lasting memories for your to keep forever.


Find out more by clicking here to see our website.


Do not hesitate to contact us for further information, and be sure to book quick, before all the dates get booked up!


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The Events Paparazzi Team

Hiring the best is the most important task

Hiring the best is the most important task


We, At The Photo Team get daily enquiries from aspiring fake paparazzi hire photographers, event photographers and party photographers who want their next big opportunity working for a large photography agency. Learning our style of photography to capture the party paparazzi photography and to represent what we stand for takes time, effort and practice however most importantly there are other traits that are essential for clients to come back to us for future bookings.


Time keeping is very important and we always ensure that our event paparazzi photographers understand the importance to arrive to a venue in plenty of time allowing for any travel delays. Our team make sure they know exactly where they are meant to be and will always arrive to the venue at least 30 minute before the start time.



Understanding the brief of the job is equally just as essential so that each paparazzi hire photographer understands what is expected of them and ensuring the brief is met fully by the end of the booking. Flexibility is also key as not all clients will be able to meet to their timings or their agenda. Our photographers ensure that they try and meet the client’s needs as best as they can.


Our spoof paparazzi photographers understand that both quality and quantity of photos are important but the final output delivered to the client should be varied in creativity, stand out as being unique and be rich in colour. Consecutive shots will just not do.



Committed press paparazzi photographers are the ones that will always shine for our company. We seek photographers who are flexible, motivated, willing to learn and nothing is too much trouble for them just so they can get the right experience.


So contact our event paparazzi London and event paparazzi Kent team today if you feel you can relate to any of the points above and see how you can join our ever growing team.


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The Events Paparazzi Team

A happy place

A happy place


The Summer is truly here and the heat wave is really get all of us into holiday mode including watching the World Cup Football! We at The Photo Team may be too busy to enjoy the sun everyday but our press paparazzi and event photographers get to enjoy all the events hosted by our clients in great venues which really gives us the chance to take in the ambience, laughter and great views and most importantly the Summer vibe!



This week our fake paparazzi hire and party photographers have been attending some great venues such as a The Intercontinental London Park Lane Hotel in Mayfair, on board a sailing boat on the River Thames for a corporate anniversary party and attending a sports event at Stamford Bridge Football Stadium. Our photographers have been in full swing by coming in character and bringing their fun banter to create a night to remember.


All our event paparazzi photography and party paparazzi photography is executed in style, class and sheer passion. This is evident from the images that are produced to capture the subject’s contentment, the beautiful weather, settings and not to forget the good food and drink.



For all our staff including back off employees to client facing, their happy place is making the client’s happy and being able to capture their happiness at their events including their summer parties. We enjoy our work when our client’s give us endless positive feedback time and time again. So for our employees, not being able to relax in the sun everyday is no issue as we get the best seats in the house “capturing beautiful images”. Try and find any other paparazzi hire photographers or spoof paparazzi photographers as committed and dedicated as us!


Contact us today for your nearest event paparazzi London and event paparazzi Kent photographers.


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The Events Paparazzi Team

Only working with the best

Only working with the best


The Photo Team were delighted to be invited by our clients who are a market leading magazine for retailers to present them at the Barcode Festival this week. The event was fun, vibrant and a great opportunity to raise funds for a specific charity. Our London events photographers were on top form and were able to consistently take photos all day to help promote our client’s brand. Nothing was too much trouble for our photographers and through all the hustle and bustle they were able to entice customers to their stand, ask them to strike a pose and give them a print out as a keep sake.



The Photo Team’s Events Paparazzi Team are about working with corporate clients and helping to enhance their brand through event photography, event paparazzi and party paparazzi photography. The motto is simple to digest the client’s aim of the event and to execute the photos to capture first class and unique images. Our event photographers, party photographers and spoof paparazzi photographers are about being the best and staying at the top of their game ensuring that there are a variety of shots for the client to choose from and creating strong colours and character in each photo.

Our event paparazzi London and event paparazzi Kent photographers are experienced and flexible. They can make the best out of any situation and be able to find a solution to any curve ball that is thrown at them. This is what makes us a leading photography agency and unique in every way possible.



So book our fake paparazzi hire and press paparazzi team today to see what we can do for your brand. We are flexible, easy to talk to and will make your images be a replica of what you stand for.


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The Events Paparazzi Team

A universal language

A universal language


Photography is one of the most popular hobbies where a passion can truly turn into a full time job. You need motivation, require people skills, resilience and have a creative imagination to pursue this seriously. We conducted a quick group forum with our own fake paparazzi hire photographers, party photographers and event photographers to find out why they thought photography such as press paparazzi photography was so popular.

Here are the conclusions:


Diverse view

Taking photos is a way of self expressing yourself and you can interpret a photo as you wish through the angle, colours and composition. It is a great way to show people how you picture the world or a certain moment without using words. Our party paparazzi photography does just that! All our photographers provide a unique and diverse perspective of people as well as the style of event and no two projects are ever the same. The red carpet creates a buzz amongst the crowd which enables our photographers to produce stunning images.



The craze of social media

Without even having to spend a lot of money on paper advertisements, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook has done wonders for all the photographers out there. Our event paparazzi and spoof paparazzi photographers are able to publish their work for the world to see without spending anything on social media.


A memory

We can never turn back time, but having an image captured for us to look back on and cherish a moment is possible through photography and it brings back the feelings and memories that we once felt that one time ago. Our paparazzi hire photographers are able to do just that and hence why our clients are always pleased with our masterpieces.



Sense of calm

It is a great sense of achievement when a great photo is taken. It is also wonderful for the mind as it brings a calming notion. This is why photography is one of the most popular past times and our event paparazzi London and event paparazzi Kent photographers are all fortunate to have built this as their career.


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The Events Paparazzi Team

To infinity and beyond

 To infinity and beyond


​Receiving bookings from clients is always amazing and the ones who listen to our advice, work with us and have a great communication style are the best to work with. However all photography companies can relate to the odd clients who are highly demanding, are not effective communicators and vent their frustrations on ​the admin and photography team. We all have one common goal which is to provide the best service therefore for any spoof paparazzi photographer or event photographer here are some useful tips to ensure you get to your end goal plain sailing:


Calm is a super power

Always remain calm, there is nothing worse than two frustrated parties talking to each other. Our fake paparazzi and party photographers always ensure to diffuse any frustrations to ensure that they can move forward with the conversation. We understand that organising an event can be stressful and our party paparazzi photographers will be as flexible as possible but at times there are requests that can not be fulfilled such as changing a current booking completely at the last minute and clients needing another photographer from us or demanding photos to be turned around in an hour due to their own client needing the photos. The Photo Team’s Event Paparazzi photographers are always willing to be flexible but within reason.



If they do not know you then do not take it personally

Clients have their own pressures and as event paparazzi photographers we are there to ensure our press paparazzi photography are captured with high quality equipment and experience. Any negative comments from clients or attendees should be heard but remember to not take it personally. Always remain compassionate and as flexible as possible.



​Actively sympathise​

Hear and sympathise with the client’s issues before and on the event and think of a solution that can make the situation better. All our event paparazzi London and event paparazzi Kent photographers try their best to look at fixes from every angle pre and during the event.


​It is all about working together with the client and ​bringing the best of both companies brands to meet a common ground, taking unique and beautiful photos to infinity and beyond!


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The Events Paparazzi Team

Working the crowd

Working the crowd


More and more companies host corporate events to treat their employees as well as invite their clients and other businesses. It is a good stop point to display the companies financials, wins, thank individuals who have impacted their business, learn new concepts, mingle with networks as well as a chance to invite key guest speakers that will resonate with all attendees. All the evening fun needs to be captured effortlessly in beautiful shots so it can be proudly displayed on the companies website, social media and any other marketing material for advertising purposes.



Our fake paparazzi hire and event photographers can beautifully master this concept by understanding the room layout, digesting the agenda for the day and then working the crowd and taking many pap photos. Our paparazzi hire and party photographers interact with individuals and groups to ensure that they take photos that will make an impact. The equipment that is used by our press paparazzi photographers doesn’t take up a lot of space and is easy on the eye and the cameras used are powerful enough to pick up vibrant and crystal-clear photography. All photos taken are captured by a trained eye that can take high resolution photos at the right angle.



The event paparazzi photographers capture spoof paparazzi photography naturally as well as being able to take amazing photos through their effective communication by helping to build rapport with the subjects and get them into the spirit of pretending to be celebrities on the red carpet. Communication is key and hence why all The Event Paparazzi’s key party paparazzi photographers are seen as effective and efficient in what they do to meet the client’s needs.


Cutting corners on the quality of the event paparazzi London and event paparazzi Kent photography is cutting corners on the end result. Therefore it is worth investing in a photography business that are true professionals and will deliver nothing but the best. The benefits of hiring The Photo Team is that you get nothing but top quality photos at an affordable price with a super friendly team.


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The Events Paparazzi Team