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As one of the largest photography agencies in the UK, we really know what we’re doing when it comes to providing the very best North London photographers to our clients. All of our North London photographers who understand press paparazzi photography have shown exceptional skill, dedication and passion for hard work. So, when you choose The Photo Team’s Events Paparazzi service you know you can expect a North London photographer who will work hard until they get that all important coveted shot. Whether you’re looking for events photography or something a little more exciting such as a spoof paparazzi hire at your corporate even then, we can provide you with an event photographer who is well suited to the job.

Photographer North London

At The Events Paparazzi, we only work with the very best party photographers the country has to offer, which means when you book an event paparazzi photographer in North London you are in for a treat. All of our North London photographers work in a specific niche of party paparazzi photography, which means they have had the time and experience to really perfect their skills. So, when you contact us with a specific project we will ensure your North London photographer is the one that is well suited to the project.

Many of our clients at The Events Paparazzi started off as those who simply wanted a one-off photography project completed. However, thanks to our exceptional service and great photographs many of them have booked us time and time again for other events including our ever so popular fake paparazzi hire.

North London Photography

When providing North London photography to any of our clients, we treat them as an individual. No two projects are the same and no to businesses are the same, which means everything should be treated as a fresh and new idea. With The Events Paparazzi there’s no duplicating, copying or reusing any idea or notion from our paparazzi hire events. In fact, by taking the time to get to know our clients and businesses we are able to find creative and artistic ways of shooting their images.